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Whiten While You Work At-Home

Whiten While You Work At-Home

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Is it time to freshen up your look? Has coffee or tea stains on your teeth created a dingy appearance? It’s never been easier to whiten your teeth to get closer to a dream smile. Many of our patients ask Parkway Plaza Dental what the best whitening system is - the answer to that really depends on many factors including the patient and their expectations. Here at Parkway Plaza Dental we have a variety of whitening systems to fit ideally with each and every patient.

Parkway Plaza Dental offers in-office whitening, at-home whitening, or a combination both systems as a package. Whitening in office is a great way to get a simple, yet dramatic boost of your shade, while being pampered, in just one visit. This includes options such as zoom or KoR that can whiten your teeth 5-8 shades, or a whitening lift that can whiten your teeth 2-3 shades.

For whitening your teeth at-home, whitening trays empower you to whiten your teeth at your convenience. This method allows you to consistently whiten your teeth every few months or when you notice your teeth changing color. Trays will always be near and just require a few dots of a whitening gel that comes along with the trays. At-home trays are a great way to keep consistency with your smile over time on your schedule.

For the BEST results, an in-office and at-home combination will increase your tooth shade most dramatically. This allows our professionals to supervise a stronger whitening gel in-office, as well as custom trays for consistent at-home use during and after treatment. A quick 1-hour boost of whitening in-office mixed with the freedom of whitening on your own pace at home, will give you the results you are dreaming of.

Our most popular whitening brand is KoR Whitening. The KoR Whitening system uses a specific whitening formula that helps patients who experience sensitivity with their teeth as well as patients who have hard to whiten areas from extrinsic or intrinsic staining including Tetracycline stains.

There is much more whitening information we can share to find the best suit for you. Please utilize our expertise and our friendly professionals to find the best solution for you.

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