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COVID-19 Essential Protocols to Move Forward

Dr. Gordon Ediger and Dr. Grayson Ediger are committed to maintaining a sterile and sanitary environment as we have done in the past, and will continue to do.  We value our patients and trust everyone is getting through this uncertain time and have stayed informed. The “stay home” guidelines have allowed for extended family time, cleaning and sorting thru closets, taking care of needed chores, becoming yard pros, trying new cooking recipes, reading a good book, not to mention catching up with Netflix and favorite TV shows.  We have become experts at hand washing and social distancing. 

To keep you informed with our practice protocols to move forward:

We are on high alert for your personal health and wellness.  Infectious control procedures and advanced sterilization techniques at Parkway Plaza Dental include single-use sterile packs, disposable instruments, protective gloves, eye wear, face shields and masks. Non-disposable dental instruments and needles are never reused and are handled according to OSHA Engineering and Exposure Controls.  Prior to every treatment procedure, a 60-second pre-procedural rinse with a hydrogen peroxide rinse is encouraged.  We also have a microbiological dental unit waterline purification treatment to eliminate contamination and Surgically Clean Air units are planned throughout the office to rapidly destroy airborne viruses and bacteria using patented plasma technology.  High speed suctions are used during procedures to reduce aerosol production during restorative dentistry, endodontics, as well as other procedures. We have in place a sanitization technician/environmental team whose goal is to roam sanitizing all areas of concern.  Our facility infection control products, are all FDA approved, includes Bio-Clean Disinfectant for floors, and highly recommended Optim One Step Disinfectant for counter tops and cabinets both eliminating 99.9% of all bacteria, germs and viruses such as Coronavirus 2019 according to the protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.  We continue to be very diligent with preforming advanced deep cleaning/sanitization throughout our facility and will continue on a regular cycle to keep you and our professional dental team safe with preventing the spread of viruses or infectious diseases. Our vast waiting area, expanding across the lobby allows for easy social distancing with a private alcove for children away from other patients. Located conveniently in our lobby are 2 hand washing/sanitization stations along with our guest restroom. These areas are maintained and sanitized throughout the day by our trained team.  We are in tune to watch for patients with compromised immune systems to make sure proper care is administered.  Available for the asking, we have put together a handout for those interested in boosting their immune system to stay healthy. We are a relationship based practice where we treat each patient as a member of our family and offer professional compassionate pain-free dental care with gentle hands and warm smiles. We work together to achieve excellent oral health, leading to a healthy body and mind as well as a stunning smile. We continue to see patients on an as needed basis at the present with plans to expand to elective procedures including teeth cleanings on May 4th, unless otherwise directed by Governor Kelly and the Kansas Department of Health.  Routinely maintaining the oral health of our patients is an important part of our practice.  Guiding and coordinating your dental insurance benefits is more important than ever.  For those without dental insurance our “in house” PPD Privileged Plan is available.  Parkway Plaza Dental wants to ensure the best and safest experience for all their dental patients now and in the future.  Do not hesitate to call us with any concerns.  PPD has two Facebook sites to check for continued updates and practice news. Services offered by our professionals include routine cleanings, periodontal treatment, restorative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery, conscious sedation dentistry, crowns, bridges, implants, smile aligner therapy, cosmetic veneers and whitening, and our newly expanded children’s dentistry division. 

Trusted and Experienced Care Gordon R. Ediger DDS Grayson A. Ediger DDS MS Associates of Parkway Plaza Dental             

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