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Dental Care for Kids!

Updated: May 27, 2020

Did you know that 1/3 of kiddos age 5 to 6 have cavities, and nearly one in ten potentially preventable hospitalizations in kids age 5 to 9 are due to dental conditions?

Developing healthy dental habits early will help keep those cute smiles lasting life-long!

Helping kids look forward to “teeth brushing time” can be as simple as letting them choose which flavored toothpaste they want to use (we recommend having a few different flavors available, for example: strawberry, bubblegum and watermelon). Suddenly a “have to” activity becomes fun and empowering!

Along with the “yum or yuck” taste-factor, some kids bristle at brushing because even the softest toothbrush can feel “ouchy” if pressed up against the gums too hard. Which brings us back to choosing fun! Designed with thicker handles, softer heads, and a variety of playful colors/patterns, encourage your kiddo to choose their own toothbrush!

Does your kiddo associate “teeth brushing time” with “bed time”? We all know how most kids feel about “bed time”! For some interactive games that’ll keep your kids asking for more, Parkway Plaza Dental offers Sonicare for Kids electric toothbrushes (complete with stickers and discover-fun downloadable app).

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