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Parkway Plaza Dental

Privileged Plan

Insurance plans can be expensive, hard to use, and have limited services.

Parkway Plaza Dental's In-House insurance plan can help take control of your dental care!


How It Works

The Privileged Plan offered by Parkway Plaza Dental works similar to higher-cost dental plans on the market. You pay a monthly membership fee for benefit coverage on your dental expenses.

Members Receive 100% coverage for many services  includings exams, cleanings and diagnostic x-rays. Additional limited coverage for restorative treatment including fillings, crowns, root canals, dentures and more

Most people agree that wellness decisions are personal and best made in partnership between a patient and their trusted Doctor, without third-part involvement.

Coverage Benefits

Members receive 100% coverage for two thorough exams each year, two annual cleanings, plus four diagnostic images.

Consultations              100% Coverage

2 Annual Oral Exams  100% Coverage

2 Annual Cleanings     100% Coverage

Bitewing X-rays           100% Coverage

   -Additional X-rays     20% Coverage

Sealants                        20% Coverage

Fillings                          20% Coverage

Crowns & Bridges        20% Coverage

Periodontal Services   20% Coverage

Endodontic Services    20% Coverage

Simple Extractions      20% Coverage

Dentures & Partials     20% Coverage

Implant Services          10% Coverage

Custom Cosmetic Services


Customized Care For You

At Parkway Plaza Dental, total family care is a priority. The Privileged Plan has been specially designed to provide affordable personalized dental coverage for our patients.

Administered by Parkway Plaza Dental, the Privileged Plan is free of deductibles, third-party approvals, and waiting periods.

Reserve Appointment

We want you to feel completely comfortable throughout your journey to a healthier smile. Feel free to reserve your complimentary consultation below, or by calling us at 913.345.2929. We want you to know exactly how dental implants can help improve your smile and confidence.

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