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A Great Smile as an Adult Begins with Healthy Dental Check-ups as a Kid!

A great smile as an adult begins with healthy dental check-ups as a kid. It’s never too early or late to begin your child’s journey to a healthy mouth.

From the time a first tooth starts to work its way through it becomes important to make sure that the right steps are being taken to make sure that long lasting healthy habits are being formed that will help to create a cavity free future.

The first visit at Parkway Plaza Dental, which is sometimes called the ‘Happy Visit’, is a time where your child will see what a dental office looks and feels like. This appointment is quick and easy - where we want to acclimate your child to our fun Disney themed environment. Each first appointment is different as we go step by step to make sure the patient is comfortable along the way and move at his or her pace. Sometimes we are able to do an exam, clean and count teeth, and sometimes we are not able to, and that is perfectly okay. At the end, they can choose out of our special treasure box for a bag a goodies to celebrate their experience. This allows each of the following appointments to go smooth and easy while your child gains confidence in themselves and as well as in us.

As your child grows, we start to look into how we can protect the new adult teeth that are growing in. Sealants are a great way to ensure that the healthy permanent teeth stay as clean as possible. These sealants are only able to go on healthy teeth and fill in the grooves to make it easy to clean – helping to keep food away from being stuck on the chewing surfaces.

The best way to ensure a healthy smile as a teen and adult is to start young. This will keep the fear and anxiety of the dentist away, and learn great habits that will last a lifetime. At Parkway Plaza Dental we love seeing kids grow up in our practice and reaping the benefits of a great start and a great smile. We would enjoy seeing how we can help answer and questions you may have about your family and how we can best meet your families dental needs.

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Dr. Gordon R. Ediger

Dr. Grayson A. Ediger

Parkway Plaza Dental

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